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1 Answer. Sorted by: 3. There're some new tuning options in GlusterFs 3.9: gluster volume set glustervol1 features.cache-invalidation on gluster volume set glustervol1 features.cache-invalidation-timeout 600 gluster volume set glustervol1 performance.stat-prefetch on gluster volume set glustervol1 performance.cache-invalidation on #Only for SMB. Benchmarking From the Gluster Performance white paper – iozone –R –l 3 –u 5 –r 512k –s 256m –F /mnt/1 /mnt/2 /mnt/3 /mnt/4 /mnt/5 – dd if=/dev/zero of. Goal: performance of SSD with cost/TB of spinning rust Savings from Erasure Coding can pay for SSD! Definition: Gluster tiered volume consists of two subvolumes: - “hot” tier: sub-volume low capacity, high performance - “cold” tier: sub-volume – high capacity, low performance. "/>.

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Gluster performance testing. Once you have created a Gluster volume, you need to verify that it has adequate performance for your application, and if it does not, you need a way to isolate the root cause of the problem. There are two kinds of workloads: synthetic - run a test program such as ones below. application - run existing application. Two bricks must be created on the same physical device. One brick must be of size 4 TiB and the other is 2 TiB. The device is /dev/sdb, and is a RAID-6 device with 12 disks. The 12-disk RAID-6 device has been created according to the recommendations in this chapter, that is, with a stripe unit size of 128 KiB..

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